Wednesday, 21 September 2011


I think I got my love of owls from my Grandma, who had several owly things. Paintings, pens, magnets, everyone knew she loved owls and so she always ended up with lots of owly gifts. :) This is a tactic I have started to employ myself as people never know what to get me for my birthday, and I now have my own owl collection of owly things. Even though owls remind me of my Grandma and that she's sadly no longer here, it's still nice to have that connection. I miss her very much.

These pieces here are a great mix of the way that owls can be represented in arts and crafts, from a fun cartoon depiction to a specific and realistic portrayal of owly loveliness.

~♥~ OWLS ~♥~

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~♥~ OWLS ~♥~ 

1) Handbag / Pocket Mirror - Owl by Sew Crafty - £5.00 - Ends on 07-Dec-2011 15:31 

2) Woodland Printed Owl Cushion by Bird and Button Designs - £7.50 - Ends on 13-Mar-2012 17:28 

3) Owl Brooch by Buttercup Boutique - £8.75 - Ends on 06-Mar-2012 10:26 

5) Mini Art Print Set - Flowers, Trees and Owls by Sascalia - £10.00 - Ends on 14-Mar-2012 10:28

7) Tiny Owl Softie by dementedsnowflake - £15.00 - Ends on 06-Nov-2011 17:31 

8) Personalised Mulberry Guest Book/Photo Album by Crafty Cow Designs - £15.99 - Ends on 04-Dec-2011 20:12

 9) Handmade Messenger Bag Owls On Blue by DIVINEARTS- £25.00 - Ends on 01-Jan-2012 13:24 

10) Night Night Owls by Yukiko - £95.00 - Ends on 30-Dec-2011 08:22

~♥~ OWLS ~♥~

Notes: These are in order of price only. Please bear in mind that I can't vouch for any of these sellers (these are not things I've bought, but things I want) but I'm sure they are lovely honest people. ^_^ All prices, dates, names, etc, are correct at the time of publishing.

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