Monday, 26 September 2011


I learned piano for several years when I was younger, from the ever-suffering Wendy. The problem I had as a child is one of the same problems I have as an adult; I am very self-aware. This meant that if she asked me to play something, and I knew I couldn't without more practise, I simply wouldn't. I also had a fantastic ear for music, so would often ask her to play it first and then mimic her movements. It was years before she realised that I couldn't actually read any of the music. I still can't, nearly decades later. The closest I can come is deciphering it: sitting down for ages and working out exactly what each symbol and note means. I know all the chords and notes and absolutely love music, but the highest grade I currently have for piano is Grade 3, because I just can't sight-read. I've recently been given my own piano (!!!) and hope to get considerably better at playing and reading music.

This selection of awesome piano gifts really surprised me. I wasn't expecting to find such a creative range of items on folksy, and the vinyl piano clock in particular stood out as being an great unique gift for someone interested in music. The rest of the pieces are also incredibly cool (music always will be) and fit a variety of price ranges.

~♥~ PIANO ~♥~

 1                                                       2


3                                                       4

5                                                      6

7                                                      8

~♥~ PIANO ~♥~ 

1) Piano Keys Necklace by Lauren Lynette Handmade Jewelry and Art -£4.50 - Ends on 25-Feb-2012 19:22

2) Piano Necklace by i heart my art - £6.50 - Ends on 11-Dec-2011 18:12 

3) Music Bookmark by Little Harriet's - £6.50 - Ends on 09-Oct-2011 17:51 

4) Piano Keys Picture Frame by re-crafts - £8.00 - Ends on 14-Mar-2012 11:22 

5) Music Sheet Earrings by Maffa -£9.49 - Ends on 29-Feb-2012 06:44 

7)  Key Rack made from Recycled Piano Keys by Art with Parts - £48.00 - Ends on 23-Oct-2011 15:02

8) Vinyl Record Clock - Pianist by KrissysVinyl - £50.00 - Ends on 18-Mar-2012 22:27

~♥~ PIANO ~♥~

Notes: These are in order of price only. Please bear in mind that I can't vouch for any of these sellers (these are not things I've bought, but things I want) but I'm sure they are lovely honest people. ^_^ All prices, dates, names, etc, are correct at the time of publishing.


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my bookmark :)
    I am very jealous you have your own piano! Would love to be able to say I can play an instrument but I lack any sort of musical talent, I found that out when I bought a sax. d'oh!
    You have picked a great selection, I especially love the earrings.

  2. Thanks for featuring my musical treble clef necklace, great blog!

  3. Thanks - I hope to make this blog a good support for folksy bits and pieces :) Following you both too!