Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Wasn't too sure of the grammar for this one, but WordHippo tells me that the plural of jigsaw is jigsaws. "I have lots of jigsaws" sounds all wrong to me, but I suppose "I have lots of jigsaw" sounds worse. *shrug* Interesting grammatical curiosities aside, I adore board games, and I guess you can include jigsaws in that category. Jigsaws are simply a fantastic way for a family to bond, and I honestly don't know why they aren't held up proudly as an excellent way to spend an afternoon. Don't sit your children in front of a television: do a jigsaw! As well as many others, I had a Peanuts one, with Snoopy and the rest of them all in a street under a rainbow. It must be over a decade since I've even seen the box, but my goodness, that image is burned onto my mind for ever.

As an adult, I still love puzzles and games. I'm a little bit at odds with a lot of my generation in that there's almost nothing that I can think of that's nicer than sitting down and having a good old evening of board games and word games and quizzes. Any of these pieces would make a great present for a puzzle or board game fan.

 ~♥~ JIGSAWS ~♥~ 

1                                                      2


3                                                      4

5                                                     6

7                                                      8
~♥~ JIGSAWS ~♥~

1) Puzzle Bracelet by Jewellery by J-FEY - £4.25 - Ends on 11-Mar-2012 14:57 

2) Painted large flower MDF Wooden jigsaw coaster set of 4 by krafts4kenya - £6.00 - Ends on 09-Mar-2012 12:19 

3) Jigsaw Kirby Grip (one) by Hatastic! - £6.00 - Ends on 02-Nov-2011 15:06 

4) Vintage Puzzle Love Earrings by Ivy and Delirium - £7.00 - Ends on 24-Feb-2012 13:12

5) Zipped Jigsaw Ipad Pouch Case by pipdesigns - £12.00 - Ends on 01-Jan-2012 07:41 

6) The Puzzler - Glitter Jigsaw Fascinator by Rock Paper Scissors Designs - £15.00 - Ends on 06-Mar-2012 19:16 

7) Sterling Silver Jigsw Piece Necklace by Contemporary Designer Jewellery - £18.00 - Ends on 22-Oct-2011 22:33 

8) Painted Jigsaw Magpie Skull Pica Pica OOAK by Catbird Craft - £30.00 - Ends on 29-Feb-2012 23:36

~♥~ JIGSAWS ~♥~

Notes: These are in order of price only. Please bear in mind that I can't vouch for any of these sellers (these are not things I've bought, but things I want) but I'm sure they are lovely honest people. ^_^ All prices, dates, names, etc, are correct at the time of publishing.


  1. no.6 is my favourite.

  2. Hi Rebecka, we love your finds, thank you so much for featuring our jigsaw magpie!