Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Science fiction captivated me from a really young age, and I loved alternate history stories. The Victorian era is ones that I also found very interesting, inspired in part by Jacqueline Wilson's The Lottie Project. (Though steampunk isn't just Victorian.) Still, I had never really thought to put the two together, so imagine my delight when I discovered a whole subculture devoted to re-imagining the past, complete with costumes, etiquette, machines and creativity.

It was only around four years ago that I discovered the steampunk movement, and I adore it. There are a heck of a lot of people who are just in it for the look, and there's nothing wrong with that, but I find the alternative history thing as a whole just infinitely more satisfying. Finding a look you like is great, but I love the fact that this whole thing comes from such a creative place, and you're really missing out if you haven't explored it properly. And there are far too many people snooty about getting the look right (as with many subcultures), which can be very expensive, and just isn't the point.

For those of you who have missed the steampunk thing, there's an informative page about it here ---> EtherEmporium. It makes me a little sad that there are so many people "into steampunk" who don't really know anything about the literature or the history behind it, because it really is fascinating, from a creative point of view. A bit of a bumper blog post today, as I really love this look. ^_^ While cogs and keys are the staples of most steampunk jewellery, I've tried to stick to genuinely hand-crafted steampunk gifts (may also include cogs).

 ~♥~ STEAMPUNK ~♥~


1                                                               2  


 3                                                               4


5                                                                 6


7                                                                 8


9                                                                10


11                                                                   12

13                                                                    14


15                                                                   16


1) ACEO Steampunk Inchies by The Emporium of Curiosities - £3.00 - Ends on 04-Oct-2011 09:27 

2) Spanner & Hematite Silver 925 Earrings by PlusFiveToStyle - £5.00 - Ends on 22-Jan-2012 19:05 (My shop!)

3) Teal Steampunk Steambow Hair Accessories by Gaia Noir - £6.00 - Ends on 23-Dec-2011 17:19 

4) Steampunk Heart Necklace by Warped In Time - £6.00 - Ends on 29-Nov-2011 15:51 

6) Leather Link Cuff by Make - £9.50 - Ends on 03-Jan-2012 15:17 

7) Steampunk Cufflink Box by Mixed Media Emporium - £13.00 - Ends on 31-Jan-2012 18:23 

8) Steampunk in the Garden Necklace by Daisy Forever - £15.00 - Ends on 11-Jan-2012 11:43 

9) Steampunk Filigree Butterfly by Bitter Island - £15.00 - Ends on 18-Jan-2012 18:17 

11) Steampunk Bee Summer Cuff by Steampunkstorm - £16.99 - Ends on 29-Jan-2012 10:05 

12) Vintage Pocket Watch Necklace by AliMayes - £19.50 - Ends on 11-Jan-2012 10:35 

13) Steampunk Gears and Sprockets Charm Bracelet by Putting on the Charms - £40.00 - Ends on 21-Feb-2012 22:28

14) Navy Mini Bowler Hat by Sally Anne Costumes - £60.00 - Ends on 08-Mar-2012 19:25

15) Hand painted and decorated full size electric guitar by Sweet Delirium - £100.00 - Ends on 29-Feb-2012 15:56 

16) Steampunk Overbust Bespoke Corset by Xandriana - £195.00 - Ends on 30-Jan-2012 08:16


Notes: These are in order of price only. Please bear in mind that I can't vouch for any of these sellers (these are not things I've bought, but things I want) but I'm sure they are lovely honest people. ^_^ All prices, dates, names, etc, are correct at the time of publishing.


  1. Thanks for featuring one of my items - great article and some lovely finds on Folksy :) XXX

  2. Thanks for the feature! sorry i didn't say thanks sooner! :)