Sunday, 9 October 2011


The Victorian era is one of my favourite periods in history, being a fascinating mix of cultural repression, refinement, and subtle decadence. I can trace my love for it right back to my childhood, when I went on the school trip to St Fagans. St Fagans is a history-come-to-life sort of place, and is a fantastic place to go for the day. It was one of those school trips where you dress up. I wore a white pinny and a ruffled hat. We spent a whole day in costume, having Victorian lessons, playing Victorian games, having a very serious picture taken, etc. (I seemed to confuse being serious with being an aggressive owl). Wonderful stuff. I heartily recommend going, whatever your interest in history.

These pieces have been chosen in part for their authenticity, and in part for their innovation. You might have noticed that the theme is not "Victorian" but "Victoriana", which I think leaves a certain amount of leeway in terms of design and function. Victorian-inspired, then, instead of Victorian replicas. Victorian Victorian Victorian. Ooh, that word looks odd now.

 ~♥~ VICTORIANA ~♥~ 


1                                                        2

 3                                                      4

 5                                                      6


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 9                                                       10


1) Cream Vintage Lace Cameo Brooch by Rags to Roses - £6.50 - Ends on 31-Jan-2012 19:20 

2) Coin Purse - Fairy Garden Crocus by Arabella's Attic - £7.00 - Ends on 25-Nov-2011 19:22

3) Lemon Lace Bag by CanUKnitIt - £7.50 - Ends on 11-Feb-2012 18:37

4) Sunburst Bracelet by Little Owls - £10.00 - Ends on 14-Nov-2011 15:55 

5) Kindle Case/Cover - Victoria by BaggieAggieToo - £ 16.00 - Ends on 05-Apr-2012 15:19 

6) Peacock Blue Alpaca Wristwarmers by Tricot Treats by Helen Dey - £15.00 - Ends on 11-Feb-2012 20:33 

7) Hand-bound Small Clasped Seablue Journal by The Press Gang - £20.00 - Ends on 12-Jan-2012 14:06

8) Sterling Silver Garnet studs - Victoria's Jewels by Lou Lou's Luxuries - £20.00 - Ends on 29-Nov-2011 08:11 

9) Pink Lace Victorian Bloomers by Gaia Noir - £22.00 - Ends on 26-Mar-2012 17:47 

10) Victoriana Choker by The Swift Red Fox - £ 25.00 - Ends on 01-Apr-2012 20:23


Notes: These are in order of price only. Please bear in mind that I can't vouch for any of these sellers (these are not things I've bought, but things I want) but I'm sure they are lovely honest people. ^_^ All prices, dates, names, etc, are correct at the time of publishing.


  1. A wonderful selection. Thanks so much for including my Kindle case. :)

    Rosie. xx

    PS - St Fagans rocks!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my earrings :) You've made some beautiful choices :) Have a lovely Sunday!

  3. You're welcome, both :) Very pretty bits and pieces all! x

  4. Hi Rebecka, great choices!
    I love Rosie's Kindle cases and LouLou's gorgeous earrings, not to mention GaiaNoir's fab bloomers (want them but can't imagine wearing them, hehe!)
    Top Floor Treasures (Folksy)

  5. Thanks for featuring my lacy bag, always nice to be recognised.Canuknitit